Where we rested our heads

Hotel Round-up

We slept in 58 different beds on our five month trip. Sometimes we slept on mats, other times we slept on the most luxorious beds in the world. We slept in huts, guesthouses, with local Vietnamese families, on trains and planes, in hostel dorms, in five star resorts, friends’ houses, and even in treehouses 150 meters off the ground.

We took pictures of the places we stayed so you can see what the more mundane part of our backpacking experience was like. Without further ado I give you Robin and Tim’s “Best of Southeast Asia Accomodation” awards. More


Fluorescent Adolescent

[Audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9901364/01%20fluorescent%20Adolescent.mp3%5D

Bondi Beach and Perth, Australia


Our time in Australia was short. There were many reasons for the short stay. We had been there before (myself for four months). It was expensive. Also, Australia and I have always had a love/hate relationship. Most Americans have at least a slight infatuation with the country. It’s far away, the accent is catchy, and the culture is based on having fun and “No Worries.” More

Where’s Wally: Australia

doing time

Today poor Wally is in an 1800s style prison cell inside the infamous Fremantle Prison – one of the places that the British convicts were sent in the 19th Century.

Wally actually has something in common with the prison though. The most famous escape, known as the Catalpa Escape, involved 6 Irish political prisoners.

John Boyle O’Reilly, the original escapist befriended a priest who smuggled him out of the prison on an American whaling boat. O’Reilly went on to become the editor of the Boston Pilot. After making his fortune he never forgot his friends. He disguised the Catalpa as a whaling ship and sailed to Australia where he rescued his fellow prisoners.

On there escape the Australian authorities caught up with them while still in Australian waters, however, the Catalpa raised the American flag and claimed that to fire on them would be to declare war is America. (how very American of him).

So the men sailed off safely to Boston…hopefully to become some of the first Red Sox fans.


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