Where we rested our heads

Hotel Round-up

We slept in 58 different beds on our five month trip. Sometimes we slept on mats, other times we slept on the most luxorious beds in the world. We slept in huts, guesthouses, with local Vietnamese families, on trains and planes, in hostel dorms, in five star resorts, friends’ houses, and even in treehouses 150 meters off the ground.

We took pictures of the places we stayed so you can see what the more mundane part of our backpacking experience was like. Without further ado I give you Robin and Tim’s “Best of Southeast Asia Accomodation” awards. More


Ramble On

Loving Everywhere, in Vietnam

Vietnam is a place that people don’t associate with “a good time”. Americans in particular think of war and communism. The Vietnamese will even proudly tell you they’re #2 in the world for both rice and corruption. But maybe Vietnam was our favoirte country for the same reason we love lobster – you have to work to crack the shell and get to the good stuff. More

Dress You Up

Shopping Heaven in Hoi An, Vietnam

We weren’t even going to stop in Hoi An originally. Then we decided we would spend a quick two days, and then as we ran into the New Year (when everything closes down) it became four nights…but we could have stayed 4 more. More

How Bizarre

[audio: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9901364/16%20OMC%20-%20How%20Bizarre%20%28Various%20Artists%29.mp3%5D
Traffic, Tet, and Propaganda in Hanoi, Vietnam

Crazy intersection, Hue, Vietnam
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: You Don't Go You Don't Know

Flying from Luang Prabang in Laos to Hanoi in Vietnam is like being in the middle of the most serene dream of your life and falling out of the bed suddenly and waking up in… well, in Hanoi.

Tim and I were hungry for some culture-shock. Too many of the places we traveled had been a little too catering to western travelers. We wanted to drop our jaws at the strangeness of a country, and it seemed that we never had time to shut them when we were out and about in Hanoi. More

Where’s Wally: Vietnam

Vietnam markets rock my world. Every Asian market has cheap t-shirts, jewelry, and useless things you imagine will make you look more worldly when it’s sitting on your coffee table, but Vietnamese markets are a cut above. Wally is lost in a pile of hand-made Vietnamese shoes. And it doesn’t end there, the women of Vietnam have some serious fashion sense. You can probably find just about any color and style of shoes imaginable, and all the accessories to go with it.

Watch out for the food stalls though, the combination of heat and too many smells mixing together might sending you running for fresh air before you can finish negotiating.


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