Where we rested our heads

Hotel Round-up

We slept in 58 different beds on our five month trip. Sometimes we slept on mats, other times we slept on the most luxorious beds in the world. We slept in huts, guesthouses, with local Vietnamese families, on trains and planes, in hostel dorms, in five star resorts, friends’ houses, and even in treehouses 150 meters off the ground.

We took pictures of the places we stayed so you can see what the more mundane part of our backpacking experience was like. Without further ado I give you Robin and Tim’s “Best of Southeast Asia Accomodation” awards. More


The River of Dreams


Taking it slow in Luang Prabang, Laos

Sunset at our arrival to LP

Luang Prabang lies between two rivers. The Nam Khan River on one side, and the infamous Mekong River is on the other side.

We were very familiar with the Mekong River by the time we arrived in Luang Prabang. We had spent two days floating along from the border town. With the alternative being a 15 hour bus ride that was rumored to go between being uncomfortable and terrifying, we knew the slow boat was for us. More

Swing Swing

Zipping around the Bokeo Reserve with the Gibbon Experience

When I first heard about the Gibbon Experience, on a special forum that is for independent long-term travelers, I just had to do it. I showed Tim all the information that same day, and even though are trip was two years away we knew we would be including this two night adventure into our itinerary.

The GE is two things in one, it’s a three days and two nights of ziplining and trekking through the jungle of Laos, and its also a way to protect a vast area of forest at a time when the entire country is being logged at an alarming rate. More

Let’s Get Out of This Country

Border Crossing into Laos

If you find yourself in Thailand, it’s not a bad place to be. The food is good, the beaches are good, and you can knock yourself out doing anything from watching elephants paint or training in Muay Thai. But after thirty days we were ready to head to the next country. (Maybe one with a few less lady boys). More

Where’s Wally: Laos

Wally is driving a tuk tuk in Luang Prubang. Most of the regular tuk tuk drivers are too busy sleeping in the back of their cab, or gambling in the street. So Wally thought he would take over for a bit.

See if you can spot Tim too, hanging out at one of the beautiful cafes in the heritage section of the town.


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