Where we rested our heads

Hotel Round-up

We slept in 58 different beds on our five month trip. Sometimes we slept on mats, other times we slept on the most luxorious beds in the world. We slept in huts, guesthouses, with local Vietnamese families, on trains and planes, in hostel dorms, in five star resorts, friends’ houses, and even in treehouses 150 meters off the ground.

We took pictures of the places we stayed so you can see what the more mundane part of our backpacking experience was like. Without further ado I give you Robin and Tim’s “Best of Southeast Asia Accomodation” awards. More


I go to Extremes


Queenstown, New Zealand

the view from our Balcony (our hostel room had a balcony)

Queenstown is known as “The Adventure capital of the World.” The first commercial Bungee jump area was started in Queenstown, and since then they have been trying to figure out new ways for the adrenaline junkies to get high. In the winter Queenstown is also a ski bum town, which is exactly what it felt like when we were there. Mountains, Canyons, and lakes surround the area – but the town of Queenstown itself is even something of a beauty.

Perhaps the one strange thing is that with Queenstown being such a great place to chill, people from other countries tend to not leave. And so it went that every store clerk, receptionist, and bartender we met was not from New Zealand. As strange as it was, we can’t say we minded since everyone we met was so happy to be there. In fact, I already have a nice Welsh boy picked out for my 18 year old sister for when I talk her into buying her own one-way ticket to Queenstown. (Kristin – we’ll talk later)

So what Tim and I do with our time in this charming town…

Sprawl (Mountains beyond Mountains)


West Coast (Wild Coast), South Island, New Zealand

The very windy ferry ride

We’ve been ruined. I don’t see how there is any drive in the world that could possibly beat traveling south along Route 6. The mountains were the backdrop to every scene on the South Island, and they were so omnipresent that I instantly missed them the second we touched down in our next, decidedly less picturesque destination. Here’s a quick tour of the the week long journey South.

Marborough (Wine Country)

Saint Clair

We managed to sample seven wineries in one day before quitting (there was no spitting). Marborough is known for its sauvignon blanc, but they also do a fair amount of Pinot Noir and sparkling wines (read: champagne). My personal favorite was No. 1 Family Estate who specialize in sparkling wine and Tim enjoyed Cloudy Bay. But the star of the day was really the weather. It was 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, making a lunch at Herzog among the vines seem a little almost heavenly.

A little Rose instead?


Run Around

North Island, New Zealand

Beautiful Auckland

After a nice relaxing week in the Cook Islands, we met my Aunt and Uncle in Auckland who were determined to see as much of New Zealand as possible in two weeks. This meant we need to move fast to make our way to the South Island for the majority of the trip.

We flew in at 10pm at night with a bus leaving Auckland the next day at 4pm. Now, travelers frequently say Auckland leaves little to get excited about so it’s an easy city to say goodbye to quickly, and we didn’t mind the quick version of the tour.

Where’s Wally: New Zealand

Hello South Island

Wally is hanging out with us on the Queen Charlotte Drive. The beginning of the Drive over looks Picton, the Port on the South Island where the Ferries come in from the North Island. The drive continues to wind around mountains with a view of the sea for around 20 miles (or enough to make both Wally and I a little car sick).


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