Where’s Wally: Bangkok

Wally is hanging out on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. Wally heard that was where a good deal of the on-site filming of The Hangover 2 was shot in Bangkok. Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 is a street that makes one feel a little dirty just walking down. It’s a bar street, but not the kind of a bar a couple goes in together -so after passing through – we went elsewhere for a Sing-Ha beer.

During our stay in Bangkok, we heard all kinds of funny spoilers about the movie, but we’ll keep most of them to ourselves and only say that Bill Clinton was in town at the same time as the cast, and stopped by the set…


Where’s Wally: Vietnam

Vietnam markets rock my world. Every Asian market has cheap t-shirts, jewelry, and useless things you imagine will make you look more worldly when it’s sitting on your coffee table, but Vietnamese markets are a cut above. Wally is lost in a pile of hand-made Vietnamese shoes. And it doesn’t end there, the women of Vietnam have some serious fashion sense. You can probably find just about any color and style of shoes imaginable, and all the accessories to go with it.

Watch out for the food stalls though, the combination of heat and too many smells mixing together might sending you running for fresh air before you can finish negotiating.

Where’s Wally: Laos

Wally is driving a tuk tuk in Luang Prubang. Most of the regular tuk tuk drivers are too busy sleeping in the back of their cab, or gambling in the street. So Wally thought he would take over for a bit.

See if you can spot Tim too, hanging out at one of the beautiful cafes in the heritage section of the town.

Where’s Wally: Thailand

Wally has found himself in a dark cave in the middle of nowhere in Northeast Thailand. More

Where’s Wally: Malaysia

Today Wally is hanging out on Mamutik Island (off of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Borneo). The islands off the coast are filled with reefs that are excellent for diving. It’s rainy season right now and the visibility can be bad – but Wally doesn’t mind because it’s a sunny day on land. The large komodo dragon that just came out of the forest on the other hand, has Wally a little concerned – so back in the bag he’ll go.

Where’s Wally: Australia

doing time

Today poor Wally is in an 1800s style prison cell inside the infamous Fremantle Prison – one of the places that the British convicts were sent in the 19th Century.

Wally actually has something in common with the prison though. The most famous escape, known as the Catalpa Escape, involved 6 Irish political prisoners.

John Boyle O‚ÄôReilly, the original escapist befriended a priest who smuggled him out of the prison on an American whaling boat. O’Reilly went on to become the editor of the Boston Pilot. After making his fortune he never forgot his friends. He disguised the Catalpa as a whaling ship and sailed to Australia where he rescued his fellow prisoners.

On there escape the Australian authorities caught up with them while still in Australian waters, however, the Catalpa raised the American flag and claimed that to fire on them would be to declare war is America. (how very American of him).

So the men sailed off safely to Boston…hopefully to become some of the first Red Sox fans.

Where’s Wally: New Zealand

Hello South Island

Wally is hanging out with us on the Queen Charlotte Drive. The beginning of the Drive over looks Picton, the Port on the South Island where the Ferries come in from the North Island. The drive continues to wind around mountains with a view of the sea for around 20 miles (or enough to make both Wally and I a little car sick).

Introducing: Where’s Wally

Tim and I thought it was only right to take a little piece of Boston with us on our trip. For those of you who don’t know Wally, he’s the Mascot of the Boston Red Sox. “Wally the Green Monster” is named after the Notorious Green Monster in the left field of Fenway Park.

On Tap At Remy's

Today Wally is feeling right at home at Jerry Remy’s outside Fenway Park. More


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