Meet, Plan, Go

I’ve decided to bring the blog out of retirement to share some quick updates about what we’re up to now that our backpacks are sadly tucked away.

While we haven’t been to any exotic destinations recently, our travel spirit remains alive. Tim and I are speaking next week at a National Event called Meet, Plan, Go. This is a seriously cool event. It’s all about promoting long-term travel among North Americans (because believe it or not, long-term travel in kind of normal in other places like Europe).

Tim and I are thrilled to be involved with MPG, not just because the other people involved are even more passionate about travel than we are, but because the opportunity to travel has meant so much to us that we can’t wait to encourage other people to take the same leap of faith.

If you don’t live in Boston, that’s okay because there are 17 events going on through-out the country. (the one in Boston just happens to be the coolest)  If you’ve ever thought about traveling for more than a few weeks then we hope to see you there.

P.S.  If you have been missing my traveling words of wisdom, Here are two places I have been moonlighting recently.



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