Cambodian Immersion at its Best

A procession of local Villagers...dressed in drag

Tim and I obviously love traveling. That doesn’t mean we love being tourists though. Actually, this is true of most long-term travelers. Chandler Burr really sums it up best:

“I hate looking at monuments. I hate waking up in the morning and thinking, ‘Oh! Today we’re gonna visit this abbey.’ We don’t do it at home, why should we do it abroad? The only thing I’m interested in is people, views, restaurants, and a clean, warm place to crap, as What’s-his-name said. You never meet real people when you’re touristing.”

So true! And yet each place that we went to we felt it was our duty to “see the sights.” Meeting locals and doing what locals do is even harder when you’re in places with cultural gaps as large and they are in Asia. More



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