Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
Emotions take over, in Cambodia

some of the thousands of skulls dug up from the Killing Fields

Sometimes when I watch a movie, when its a good movie, it draws me in and I find myself, like many people, finding it hard to watch a scene because of the high emotion it evokes. I whisper to myself, “It’s just a movie, it’s not even real.” Here I was in Cambodia, and it is real – for better or worst. I kept looking for a pause button but I couldn’t find one.

Losing our Appetites in Phnom Penh
Everywhere we went in PP was sad. There were people with no limbs in the streets. I was once forced to step over a naked baby in the sidewalks, her mother most-likely purposefully positioning him there with this idea in mind. But the worst sight wasn’t of Cambodians it was of white men. They were everywhere. More


Walk On


Strange Healings in Ubud, Bali

Traditional dancers at the temple

I was on my way to a Tibetan bowl meditation class when I broke into a jog. I didn’t want to be late. As I started to run two simultaneous thoughts struck me at once. First, It was probably counterproductive to become stressed about missing a class meant to help me relax. Second, and more importantly, I could run! You see, my ankle had been sprained for two months – and recently it had actually been at its worst from doing too much walking and carrying heavy bags. I actually was incredibly disappointed that my ankle hurt so much that I was going to miss out on doing yoga in Ubud – which is how I ended on my way to the strangest class in my life. But back to the ankle, this is how it healed: More


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