Where’s Wally: Laos

Wally is driving a tuk tuk in Luang Prubang. Most of the regular tuk tuk drivers are too busy sleeping in the back of their cab, or gambling in the street. So Wally thought he would take over for a bit.

See if you can spot Tim too, hanging out at one of the beautiful cafes in the heritage section of the town.


Good Life

[Audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9901364/05%20Good%20Life%20(Feat%20%20T-Pain).mp3]

Christmas Luxury in Phuket, Thailand

Once you get into the swing of backpacking it becomes clear what a budget room is worth. $15 to $20 is pretty standard in most of the area. $25 is a usually a rip-off unless it includes cable TV, a balcony and a free breakfast. The idea of a room costing $350 a night in such a part of the world is hard to put into perspective. But that’s what our room in Phuket was quoted at online. More

Island in the Sun

[Audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9901364/02%20Island%20in%20the%20Sun.mp3%5D
Koh Lipe, Thailand

It’s true. When the sun is out, and there are no boat motors revving, or children crying – all you can hear is a subtle lapping of the water, and all you see is the perfect Thai beach with the clear blue water and white soft sand and a few longboats. That’s it. That’s all Koh Lipe is. More

Where’s Wally: Thailand

Wally has found himself in a dark cave in the middle of nowhere in Northeast Thailand. More

Blowing in the Wind

All Over Malaysia

If you haven’t noticed the posts are a little behind. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to float around and catch a ferry or bus whenever we are ready to head to a new place, but it’s hard to keep up with all the places we pass through. Each place always has it’s own charm, and a story to tell but for the sake of keeping the blog up to date I thought I would do an overview of the rest of Malaysia. At some point I’d like to revisit some of the places, because they certainly are worthy of their own posts.

Kuala Lumpur

the streets of Chinatown

The capital city was truly an East meets West experience. More

Jungle Love

Western Sabah, Malaysia

If you’ve never given much thought to the large island in Southeast Asia known as Borneo, I’ll go over the basics. The Island is split between the nations of Malaysia (where we were), Indonesia, and the very small Kingdom of Brunei. The other important thing about Borneo is that it is home to some of the most diverse plant life and animals anywhere in the world.

We spent a good amount of time on the Kinabatangan River, cruising around and doing some trekking, here are some highlights: More

Walk On

[Audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9901364/01%20Walk%20On.mp3%5D

Strange Healings in Ubud, Bali

Traditional dancers at the temple

I was on my way to a Tibetan bowl meditation class when I broke into a jog. I didn’t want to be late. As I started to run two simultaneous thoughts struck me at once. First, It was probably counterproductive to become stressed about missing a class meant to help me relax. Second, and more importantly, I could run! You see, my ankle had been sprained for two months – and recently it had actually been at its worst from doing too much walking and carrying heavy bags. I actually was incredibly disappointed that my ankle hurt so much that I was going to miss out on doing yoga in Ubud – which is how I ended on my way to the strangest class in my life. But back to the ankle, this is how it healed: More

The Other Side

Lessons Learned in Lovina, Bali

Lesson #1: When you think you want remote, be careful what you wish for…

our empty beach

We were looking to avoid two sets of travelers in Bali. The first was the drunk Australian; normally found in the south beaches that have become trashy and yet more expensive in the last few years due to the crowd it draws. The second (more innocent) group is the divorced middle-aged woman hoping to find herself. “The Eat, Pray, Love” phenomenom has created an explosion of this narrow type of tourism. You can spot them in cafes writing their memoirs.

So we headed to a volcanic beach in the north called Lovina. This is a western named town meaning “love for Indonesia” but not many travelers seamed to have love for this place during our visit. Bali was experiencing low-season in general, but we wondered if this place even saw much love in the high season. Our hotel probably had 4 of its 30 or so rooms filled. It seemed like a town that had once seen a boom and was now slipping away. More

Where’s Wally: Malaysia

Today Wally is hanging out on Mamutik Island (off of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Borneo). The islands off the coast are filled with reefs that are excellent for diving. It’s rainy season right now and the visibility can be bad – but Wally doesn’t mind because it’s a sunny day on land. The large komodo dragon that just came out of the forest on the other hand, has Wally a little concerned – so back in the bag he’ll go.

Fluorescent Adolescent

[Audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9901364/01%20fluorescent%20Adolescent.mp3%5D

Bondi Beach and Perth, Australia


Our time in Australia was short. There were many reasons for the short stay. We had been there before (myself for four months). It was expensive. Also, Australia and I have always had a love/hate relationship. Most Americans have at least a slight infatuation with the country. It’s far away, the accent is catchy, and the culture is based on having fun and “No Worries.” More

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